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Aimee And Jason

Hey there, we have an entry with 2 people on our team and looking for 2 others to join for the PURE GODZONE in Fiordland!!! I (Aimee) did the Queenstown PURE GodZone last year! I had a blast and we were not short coursed so we reached our first goal! My boyfriend, Jason, and I are have an entry and are seeking two other navigators to join our existing team! Our goals are to not be short coursed and to be more competitive than last year! We live in Colorado Springs, CO USA. We are looking for someone in the US or NZ to join. Last year my team consisted of 3 others from Nelson, NZ in which I trained in the US with Jason here while they trained on their own. Looking to at least have a few training sessions together or definitely lots of communication to make sure team fit is good! Let us know if you are interested in joining our team! You need to have navigation skills! 🙂 Thanks

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Pure team looking for: Team Mate, Someone to train with
Place: Colorado SPrings, CO US
GZ before: 2017
Last updated: July 6, 2017 9:27 pm
We have a spot in the PURE GODZONE for Fiordland and looking for 2 other teammates with strong navigation skills!
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