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A Message In The Night

Race HQ received a message from one of the leading Pursuit teams during the night with a warning for others. Team 87 Worst Pace Scenario were thinking of their fellow teams when they used their yellow brick tracker at 5am to advise HQ that the route they had chosen to trek down the Wairaurahiri River

In Pursuit

Pursuiters Team 87 Worst Pace Scenario are very much in the game today as they paddle across Lake Hauroko. With plenty of time to consider strategy whilst biking team captain Elisha Nuttall reckons it will be all about route choice and they want to make the correct choice….here is what’s going on in Nuttall’s mind…


TIME FOR A TREK FOR LEAD PURSUIT TEAMS By Annabelle Latz After a big session of mountain biking and caving yesterday, the lead PURSUIT teams had a bit of shut eye overnight at TA2, before heading off down towards Lake Hauroko at day break. This morning they will paddle southwards down the lake before entering