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Ding Dong Pursuit Battle

An exciting situation is developing at the front of the Pursuit team category with two teams out in front and battling for line honours. Team 81 Turiwhate and team 85 Lincoln Reunion were 6.5 hours apart at TA3 today. Over the last few hours, this gap has been whittled away with less than 30 minutes

A Message In The Night

Race HQ received a message from one of the leading Pursuit teams during the night with a warning for others. Team 87 Worst Pace Scenario were thinking of their fellow teams when they used their yellow brick tracker at 5am to advise HQ that the route they had chosen to trek down the Wairaurahiri River

Blake, Ginger ninja crew (81), at TA9

Ginger Ninja Crew down to three

The Ginger Ninja Crew (81) from Christchurch have sadly had to continue without Brian Wilson, who has retired due to a previous medical illness. However, the rest of the Pursuit team are keeping going with high spirits, living up to their motto to ‘have fun and enjoy the magic of the race’. “We’ve got a