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A key bit of rest aids a strong start for Day Three

It’s another picture perfect day ahead for Day Three for Chapter 6 of GODZone. Tiki Tour (13) is still in the lead amongst the Pure teams, after a night of hiking Mt Crichton and kayaking on Lake Wakatipu. Currently in Stage 8, the Via Greenstone mountain bike phase, the team is now tackling a 110km

What the night brings – amongst the Pursuit course

The Pursuit GODZone competitors are certainly holding their own as they head their way towards the shores of Lake Wakatipu. With all 15 teams now off the Skippers Canyon rafting section, they are now stretched out between the 38km Stage 5 Seven Mile mountain bike and orienteering, the 21km Stage 6 Mt Crichton alpine trek,

“I’m really proud of dad.”

Amongst the cheers at the start line from friends and family, Tom (10) and Sam (9) could be heard screaming their dads’ names in encouragement. The pair were part of an impressive support crew for Pursuit Team Silky (79), who were last year’s winning mixed Pursuit team. Sadly, just a month after the victory, their

Day One Drama in the “Gorgeering”

Team Silky take a unplanned swim.

Team Silky’s Speech

The first mixed team in the Pursuit event at the prize giving.

Team Silky changed strategy in race

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/rvmbplu3y4s4tr4/78.m4a Team 79 Silky talk about changing their strategy when they realised they were in with a good chance.

Pursuit team Silky cross the finish line

Team Silky crossed the finish line on Thursday morning to be greeted by friends, family and GODZone supporters.

Second wave of GODZone competitors start race

The second wave of GODZone competitors raced off the start line at Kaiteriteri this morning in pursuit of the 61 teams who left yesterday. The new racing category is aptly titled Pursuit and has attracted ten teams eager to experience GODZone for the first time. Their own support teams will meet them at each transition

Pursuit teams tackle the first stage

The GODZone Pursuit teams set off this morning, tackling the coasteering and kayaking route from Kaiteriteri beach to Rabbit Island.

And they’re off!

Pursuit teams head off from the start line to coasteer and kayak round the coastline to Rabbit Island.

How are the Pursuit teams feeling?

Chatting to the Pursuit teams just before they head off on their GODZone Chapter Five adventure.