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Favs from Stage 1

All the Pursuits are now home, and smiling until the very end.

By Annabelle Latz All the Pursuit teams are now home safe n’ sound, and there’s a whole bunch of small faces in Hamilton who will be thrilled to bits. Fastlane Fitness Team Teach (71) achieved their goal, to complete the full course Chapter 6 GODZone, as a ranked team. “It was tough, we knew it

Chaffing the Dream talk about their first GODZone experience

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/3yqd3d7xn35q896/33%20In%20Chasing%20Opus%20Over%20MT%20Owen.m4a One member of Chaffing the Dream joined just two days before the race started – which is why she’s not in the picture!

What’s the secret of a good support crew?

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/kbp4mjqffry1sp4/Support%20Ctrew%20For%2071%20%20Brian%20Tells%20The%20Most%20Important%20Secret%20To%20Being%20A%20Supporter.m4a Brian from team 71 Chaffing the Dreams’ support crew talks about being in the race and what makes for a good supporter.

Pursuit teams tackle the first stage

The GODZone Pursuit teams set off this morning, tackling the coasteering and kayaking route from Kaiteriteri beach to Rabbit Island.

And they’re off!

Pursuit teams head off from the start line to coasteer and kayak round the coastline to Rabbit Island.