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Geeks Cross The Line!

All the way from South Korea the Geeks paddle their way into Kaiteriteri beach and cross the finish line to complete their first, and hopefully not last, GODZone event.

GEEKS learn how to read a map en route

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/qhdohaxdoe8gnp0/Team%20Geeks%20Learn%20The%20Maps%20Half%20Way%20Through.m4a The GEEKS adventure through New Zealand continues with a lesson in how to read a map. “We weren’t familiar with the map and we didn’t know the difference between dark green and light green. Later we were at the top we understood green means just grass and dark green means the wood. Because of

International teams enjoy New Zealand’s playground

This year’s GODZone sees 15 fully international teams taking part and another 12 with at least one international member. With an international team paddling through Abel Tasman national park in a bid for fourth place, we’re taking a look at some of the overseas visitors. American team Adventure Medical Teams are up the front of

Team changes as Red Hills proves too much for some

There have been a few changes to teams as the Red Hills trek proved too much for some. Kelly Boyd from team 10 Epic Endurance decided to retire when the team reached TA3. The other three members, Dave Vitiikangas, Catherine Jensen and Meghan Thompson opted to continue unranked. Meanwhile, three members of team 55 CPR

Teams go orienteering in the forest

GODZone Chapter Five teams tackled their second orienteering course at Lake Rotoiti, this time on foot. Photographer Olivia Spencer Bower caught up with a few of the teams as they ventured into the forest. She saw team 58 Tag Team from the UK and watched as members Lucy Noble, Craig Tweedie, Brandon Purdue and Tim

What have teams been asking HQ?

Each team on GODZone Chapter Five carries a yellow brick, it’s how we track them over the remote course. It also allows them to trigger an emergency button if they need urgent care, send back a “team okay” message and contact HQ with any other questions. Team 61 GEEKS used this function to ask what

Where are the GEEKS going?

South Korean team GEEKS have had a rough start to the race and now appear to be going in circles. They left TA2 in the wrong direction, heading north instead of south. Realising their mistake, they turned around and went back through the TA heading in the right direction. But they didn’t get far before

Best of coasteering around the shoreline

We captured some awesome shots of the GODZone Chapter Five teams as they coasteered their way around the shoreline from Kaiteriteri to Stephens Bay. There were brave dives off the rocks, some questionable routes taken and a fair few competitors giving each other a helping hand.

Whoops (again)

South Korean team Geeks who mistakenly left their dry bag with passports on a rock while swimming out to CP1, only to discover they had to swim back to retrieve them, have now done it again. This time a slightly more important piece of mandatory equipment – the tracker! It seems the team has inadvertently

Steep learning curve for new team

The first time at GODZone can be quite overwhelming for international teams, racing over unusual terrain and often being given instructions in a second language. The Geeks, a team from South Korea, are visiting New Zealand for the first time and most of the team are taking part in their first expedition adventure race. The