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Exciting Morning Paddle

A couple of big rapids on the lower Waiau River will wake teams up as the early morning paddle gets underway towards TA1. After being held off the river last night due to low conditions, its a fresh start for most of the GODZone field who banked some good sleep at Kollats Crib and beside

Favs from Stage 1

International teams enjoy New Zealand’s playground

This year’s GODZone sees 15 fully international teams taking part and another 12 with at least one international member. With an international team paddling through Abel Tasman national park in a bid for fourth place, we’re taking a look at some of the overseas visitors. American team Adventure Medical Teams are up the front of

TA1 and MTBO, Rabbit Island

Teams assemble their bikes and negotiate the MTB orienteering on Rabbit island.

Yogaslackers talks about the Maps

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/3b9omtmfobt2hlh/Team%20Yoga%20slackers%20Captain%20Jason%20Reaction%20To%20Maps.m4a Jason from team Yogaslackers talks about first impressions of the maps.