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LEARNING FROM THOSE WHO WRITE THE ADVENTURE RACING BOOK By Annabelle Latz It still rings clear as a bell in his head, the day Todd Vickery stepped into Adventure Racing. The journey started in 2016, from his Brisbane white-collared corporate world office. “I had never heard of the sport. I was sitting at work and

Great morale amongst the mid field at Skippers Canyon

By Annabelle Latz It was all good spirits and smiles this afternoon at TA4, when competitors completed their raft down Skippers Canyon and headed out on the 38km mountain bike ‘Seven Mile.’ Team members of Rebel Foods (56) were back on track and pretty chuffed when they reached TA4 at mid afternoon. The foursome was

Rebel Food on the tele

A peek behind the scenes as Team Rebel Food go on air for morning television at Queenstown Beach.

Update on teams

There have been some more changes to team with some dropping out of losing a member as the back of the pack arrived into TA3 after the Red Hills trek. Teams 30 NCX Simon Woods, Owain John, Stephen John and Carrie Lakin and 4 Tussock Jumpers Benjamin Lott, Paul Ayres, Steve Mosley and Sarah Brunton

Sun welcomes teams onto Lake Rotoroa

The sun came out to great the teams as they arrived at Lake Rotoroa today on stage four of GODZOne Chapter Five. Photographer Alex Socci met up with some of the teams as they transitioned from their bike and onto the inflatible boats. Team 9 Adventure Medical Kits of Kyle Peter, Rob Preston, Mari Chandler

TA1 and MTBO, Rabbit Island

Teams assemble their bikes and negotiate the MTB orienteering on Rabbit island.

Best of coasteering around the shoreline

We captured some awesome shots of the GODZone Chapter Five teams as they coasteered their way around the shoreline from Kaiteriteri to Stephens Bay. There were brave dives off the rocks, some questionable routes taken and a fair few competitors giving each other a helping hand.

Rough ride into first transition area

GODZone Chapter Five teams faced pretty choppy waves coming into the first Transition Area on Rabbit Island. They had coasteered then kayaked round from Kaiteriteri beach and had to brace themselves for a rough ride into the beach. Many capsized and team 56 Rebel Foods cracked their kayak in the surf. It didn’t stop the

Team Rebel Food in MTB park

Team Rebel Food tear up the Kaiteriteri MTB park pre race