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Day 3 Waiaurihiri River

Day 2 Waiau River

Day 2 TA1

Stage 3 Day 2 Morning Getting In Water

Favs from Stage 1

Day 1 Morning MTB

Watch the second part of the first leg (MTB) of GODZone Chapter 6.

Hundreds cheer team Motueka across the finish line

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/qaormq88s8r7qvt/Team%20Motueka%20At%20The%20Finish%20line.m4a More than 300 people gathered on Kaiteriteri beach to watch local team Motueka cross the finish line in eight position. They were handed the mic by Nathan Fa’avae to talk to the crowds.

Team Motueka heading for TA3

Teams hike across the Red Hills

GODZone Chapter Five teams hike 52km through the Red Hills on the third stage of the race.

Stage 2 MTB through to TA2

Single tracks in Silvan Forest, TA2 and onto the first trek, on the Red Hills.

Best of the days kayaking action

The kayaking section saw teams take to the water between Stephens Bay and Rabbit Island. They battled the surf both on the way out and especially on the way into the beach at on the island. Crowds lined the sand dunes to watch as the teams executed some killer moves on the way in.