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There is still a lot to play for

The first two teams Tiki Tour (14) and Yealands Family Wines (31) have touched down at Frankton Beach and the celebrations of completing Chapter 6 of GODZone have begun. But the hard work is far from over for the rest of the competitors. Race Director Warren Bates said there is still a lot to play

TA 5 update Sneaky Weasle and Torpedo7 neck and neck

Sneaky Weasle bike advice

Torpedo 7 and Sneaky Weasel Gang arriving and leaving T6

Being a bridesmaid is fun but eventually you might just want to be the bride. Thats possibly what Richard Anderson is thinking as he plods along with his Torpedo 7 team in 5th position today. The guy is super experienced, has been up the front on several chapters and with a new dynamic in his

Tussle for lead position – Day 2

Queenstown’s Team Tiki Tour is holding the lead race position as the GODZone field moves into the second night of the seven-day expedition race. Tom and George Lucas from Queenstown and Mike Kelly and Floortje Grimmett from Wanaka have pushed their way into the front and look determined to stay there after a day of

Day Two: A quick prediction

We catch up with Race Director Warren Bates and Course Advisor Ian Edmond to get their insights into Day Two of GODZone… What do you expect to see from the leading teams today? Warren: Tiki Tour (13) have been strong in first place the whole way through, but Yealands (31) aren’t far behind. Chris (Yealands) is

Teams Hit Skyline

The teams arrive at Skyline Queenstown to grab their bikes before heading down into the trails

GODZone 2017: the year of the underdogs?

Only a few hours into the race, and it’s clear this year has some unsung contenders. True to their name, the Sneaky Weasel Gang (34) has stormed ahead into the top four leading teams, ahead of last year’s champions; the Yealands Family Wines. They are just behind Torpedo 7 (21), Swordfox (17) and the leaders

Oh what a night

It has been a beauty of a night for the teams paddling the Abel Tasman last night to the finish line. 15 teams have now finished on Kaiteriteri beach completing the journey with a couple of days to spare. Teams Old and Slow, Sneaky Weasel Gang and Seagate arrived in 9th, 10th and 11th place

Photographer captures teams at Beebys

Rotorua based photographer Mead Norton last night packed up his camera and headed to Beebys Hut where he caught up with teams as they headed down off the Red Hill trek towards TA3. It’s always great for teams to see a friendly face and caught up with a gaggle of four Aussie teams Paddy Pallin

What’s in a name?

Coming up with a team name can be tricky. You want something memorable that sums up the essence of who you are. With four members involved in the decision, it can take time and negotiation to come to a consensus. These conversations have resulted in some unusual team names on the list at GODZone Chapter

Mountain biking in the Richmond Range

The second stage saw GODZone Chapter Five teams head into the Richmond Range for some mountain biking action.