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Paddling Day 1

Timing of Logistics Planner evens the playing field

By Annabelle Latz The physical and mental challenge the GODZone course delivers is tremendous, and so is the pre planning. This year for the first time, the Logistics Planner was given to the teams the week before race day. Delivered by email, it gave teams a chance to plan what gear boxes needed to be

Matakitaki River action

Thrills and spills down the Matakiktaki river.

TA1 and MTBO, Rabbit Island

Teams assemble their bikes and negotiate the MTB orienteering on Rabbit island.

Best of the days kayaking action

The kayaking section saw teams take to the water between Stephens Bay and Rabbit Island. They battled the surf both on the way out and especially on the way into the beach at on the island. Crowds lined the sand dunes to watch as the teams executed some killer moves on the way in.