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LEARNING FROM THOSE WHO WRITE THE ADVENTURE RACING BOOK By Annabelle Latz It still rings clear as a bell in his head, the day Todd Vickery stepped into Adventure Racing. The journey started in 2016, from his Brisbane white-collared corporate world office. “I had never heard of the sport. I was sitting at work and

Day 3 Waiaurihiri River

Paddling Day 1

A potential creative twist for Mrs Forne’s Boys

By Annabelle Latz Facebook has alluded to a ‘cunning plan’ by Mrs Forne’s Boys, (27) and it will be interesting to see whether this pack raft plan is executed. A touch of creative licence may be unravelled when they reach Stage 8 mountain bike Via Greenstone. A section of the 110km ride provides the option

Teams Hit Skyline

The teams arrive at Skyline Queenstown to grab their bikes before heading down into the trails

Team 27 captain Tim Farrant at start line

Swordfox tackle Horse Rapid

Fast water on the Mataki

Matakitaki River action

Thrills and spills down the Matakiktaki river.

Next Generation sleep despite member’s reluctance

Next Generation team member Emily Wilson was charging on all cylinders when the team arrived into TA4 tonight in 6th place commenting; “I can’t believe the guys want to go to sleep – we should just keep on going!” However the team did make a collective decision to stop and nap as team member Theo

Teams hike across the Red Hills

GODZone Chapter Five teams hike 52km through the Red Hills on the third stage of the race.

Best of coasteering around the shoreline

We captured some awesome shots of the GODZone Chapter Five teams as they coasteered their way around the shoreline from Kaiteriteri to Stephens Bay. There were brave dives off the rocks, some questionable routes taken and a fair few competitors giving each other a helping hand.

Teams kayaking through big waves

GODZone Chapter Five teams faced some big waves as they kayaked through stage one.