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Swordfox at the finish

Swordfox vs Yealands battling it out

Swordfox TA3

Swordfox second into TA3

Swordfox Lend A Hand

A weary team Swordfox were taking a quick breather at CP16, where they picked up their non-compulsory gear left behind for the mammoth trek stage, when they were approached by one of the ladies in team Tail End Charlie. “Do you have an inflation bag or pump you could leave with us?” she asked. [An

Swordfox Take The Lead

The trackers have updated and now we can see Swordfox have taken the lead! ” That was a bit of a surprise when we saw how far they were in front of Yealands,” says GODZone Course Advisor Ian Edmond. ” The tracker now shows that Yealands probably stopped and slept for some time between 5am

Night Time Moves Into Day

Team Yealands Family Wines have showcased their navigational superiority overnight emerging this morning as clear leaders after a night of short sleeps and trekking under a heavy canopy in the Fiordland Bush. Stage 3 is by far the longest there has ever been in a GODZone chapter and while this backcountry epic has created a

Day 3 of GODZone takes teams deep into Fiordland

Two days, twelve hours into the ten-day GODZone expedition race in Fiordland National Park and the adventurous field is spread far and wide. “ The leading teams have paddled across Lake Hauroko and down the Wairaurahiri River through remote parts of southern Fiordland today and are now trekking into an area by Lake Poiteriteri,” says


COMRADERY AMONGST THE CLOUDS By Annabelle Latz Loaded up with a tent, coffee grinder, boiler and other vital essentials, GODZone media crew members Karn Christian and Steven Freitag slung their cameras and video recorders over their shoulders and headed up into the Fiordland wilderness, to capture the abseiling action at Borland. Described as spectacular scenery


By Annabelle Latz The lead PURE teams mostly decided to rest overnight as the dark zone kicked in from 8pm on the Wairaurahiri River, before carrying on with the pack rafting section this morning at day break. It’s tight at the top, with Team 17, Swordfox, the first through CP16 at Waitutu Lodge on the

It’s A True Wilderness Experience

Steven Freitag captured the essence of the first stage of GODZone Chapter 7 from paddling to abseiling and trekking.

Outdoing Each Other

The second full day of GODZone racing has seen the top three teams sweep through stage 2 and onto stage 3 packrafting across Lake Hauroko in time to get onto the Wairaurahiri River before the dark zone kicked in. Event Director Warren Bates and Course Advisor Ian Edmonds discuss the pro’s and cons of these

Lead teams night 1


With only a matter of minutes between first and second position, Yealands Family Wines ran into Kollats Crib tonight and looked relieved to see Swordfox were still cleaning their gear. Team captain Chris Forne had plenty to say about the first day out racing…

Paddling Day 1

Timing of Logistics Planner evens the playing field

By Annabelle Latz The physical and mental challenge the GODZone course delivers is tremendous, and so is the pre planning. This year for the first time, the Logistics Planner was given to the teams the week before race day. Delivered by email, it gave teams a chance to plan what gear boxes needed to be


By Annabelle Latz Quest AR (6) were all smiles when they touched the shore of the finishing line of Chapter 6 GODZone yesterday evening. After four days, 11 hours and 34 minutes they were all done. They had so much fun in fact, they renamed the race. Richard Kresser described it as the race that

A split in the field

Media director Margo and Race Adviser Ian talk about the navigation option on final MTB into Halfway Bay (Stage 8).

Team 17 (Swordfox) Paddling in to Glenorchy

Hitting CP24 and then paddling on to TA7 on a beautiful morning in Glenorchy

A key bit of rest aids a strong start for Day Three

It’s another picture perfect day ahead for Day Three for Chapter 6 of GODZone. Tiki Tour (13) is still in the lead amongst the Pure teams, after a night of hiking Mt Crichton and kayaking on Lake Wakatipu. Currently in Stage 8, the Via Greenstone mountain bike phase, the team is now tackling a 110km