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Hanging with the Teams

Bloggers Melissa and Rachel have had a big day on the road between Kollats Crib, Monowai and the put in on the Waiau River catching up with the mid field today….here’s their report. ” We are wondering if the teams have been taking happy pills because they are all so bright, engaged and on a

Favorites from before the gun

Teams Hit Skyline

The teams arrive at Skyline Queenstown to grab their bikes before heading down into the trails

Fairies with Fang sink their teeth into pies

Team 15 Fairies With Fangs tucking into some well earned pies and large flat whites after coming down off the Red Hills trek. Georgie Griffiths said: “We’ve decided that we don’t like cold freeze dried meals so we’re having something warm after having been on a trek for two days. A long time. Warm up

Three all-female teams tackling GODZone

This year’s GODZone sees three all-female teams take to the course for the first time. At the start of the third day of the race, Seagate are running in tenth place as they paddle their way across Lake Rotoroa. Fairies with Fangs and visitqueenstown.co.nz, the other two all-female teams, are still on the Red Hills

What’s in a name?

Coming up with a team name can be tricky. You want something memorable that sums up the essence of who you are. With four members involved in the decision, it can take time and negotiation to come to a consensus. These conversations have resulted in some unusual team names on the list at GODZone Chapter

Best of mountain biking

Yesterday saw the teams jump on their bikes and complete and orienteering course on Rabbit Island before setting off on a 60km cycle. They headed along a part of the Great Taste Trail before heading off into the forests of the Richmond Range. Low lying fog, forest tracks and the descending darkness proved a worthy