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Pie pit stop at St Arnaud

Many of the teams in the GODZone expedition race have taken advantage of cycling through St Arnaud where take out food is available from the local store. Teams are allowed to carry money to purchase food if they come across a store or town while travelling the 530km course. Today there were a number of

Cure Kids set off on the fourth stage of GODZone

Team Cure Kids have set off on the fourth stage of GODZone Chapter Five on the third day of the race. The team of Richie McCaw, Rob Nichol, Sarah Fairmaid and Ben Meyer finished trekking through the Red Hills just before 7am and spent almost an hour at the transition area (TA) before leaving just

GODZone teams paddle white water on the Matakitaki

Leading teams in the GODZone expedition event are riding the rapids on the Matakitaki river in Nelson Lakes today. Chris Forne, Dan Moore, Sia Svendsen and Dan Busch of the Yealands Family Wines were the first team to white water paddle just after 6am this morning. They have held the lead position in the race

Team Cure Kids hoping for sunshine

Sarah Fairmaid from Team Cure Kids talking about the conditions the team faced up on the Red Hills.

Trekking the Red Hills

The teams in the middle of the pack trek through the spectacular Red Hills, taking in epic scenery and some seriously bouldery terrain.

Team Cure Kids follow silent cycle with grueling trek

Team Cure Kids had a grueling trek across the Red Hills on the second day of their GODZone Chapter Five adventure. Team member Sarah Fairmaid said: “We had a long stage, it was raining really heavily last night and was really windy this morning which meant we had no visibility. “There was some tricky nav

Cure Kids team ‘feeling good’ at GODZone

Sarah Fairmaid from Team Cure Kids said: “We had a long stage, it was raining really heavily and really windy this morning which meant we had no visibility and there was some tricky nav on the top which we had to take our time. We made some small mistake, nothing too major, but we are

High points of interest on second day

The world’s best navigator Chris Forne has led his Yealands Family Wines team into first place overnight on the GODZone expedition summiting the 1790m high Ben Nevis on the spectacular Red Hills in the Richmond Ranges. The 60 following teams will track in their footsteps as GODZone competitors reach new heights today. Stage 3 of

Best of mountain biking

Yesterday saw the teams jump on their bikes and complete and orienteering course on Rabbit Island before setting off on a 60km cycle. They headed along a part of the Great Taste Trail before heading off into the forests of the Richmond Range. Low lying fog, forest tracks and the descending darkness proved a worthy

TA1 and MTBO, Rabbit Island

Teams assemble their bikes and negotiate the MTB orienteering on Rabbit island.

Teams battle waves at Rabbit Island

Some killer waves met the teams as they landed at Rabbit Island.

Teams kayaking through big waves

GODZone Chapter Five teams faced some big waves as they kayaked through stage one.

Teams get off to a rocky start

Teams clambering over rocks and into their kayaks.

Cure Kids wearing McCaw’s number seven

TEAM CURE KIDS SET OFF ON THEIR GODZONE ADVENTURE Richie McCaw is wearing the number he made famous during his rugby career as he takes part in GODZONE Chapter Five with his Cure Kids teammates. Team Cure Kids are team number seven of 61 hitting the route on Saturday at the start of the 530km

Rob and Richie talk training

Rob and Richie from team Cure Kids (7) talk training.

Rob and Richie talk about winning

Rob and Richie from team Cure Kids (7) talk about the race and their chances of winning.