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PWC at TA3

PWC at TA 3

Richie, Rob, Sarah & Bob

‘Loving stage 3’ was the comment from Rob Nichol from Team PwC when they arrived at TA3 in 6th position this afternoon. “It’s absolutely spectacular out there and we are feeling great about how the team is tracking and super pleased to be at TA3.” The team that includes former All Black captain Richie McCaw

Night Time Moves Into Day

Team Yealands Family Wines have showcased their navigational superiority overnight emerging this morning as clear leaders after a night of short sleeps and trekking under a heavy canopy in the Fiordland Bush. Stage 3 is by far the longest there has ever been in a GODZone chapter and while this backcountry epic has created a

Day 3 of GODZone takes teams deep into Fiordland

Two days, twelve hours into the ten-day GODZone expedition race in Fiordland National Park and the adventurous field is spread far and wide. “ The leading teams have paddled across Lake Hauroko and down the Wairaurahiri River through remote parts of southern Fiordland today and are now trekking into an area by Lake Poiteriteri,” says

It’s A True Wilderness Experience

Steven Freitag captured the essence of the first stage of GODZone Chapter 7 from paddling to abseiling and trekking.


MAPPING A COUPLE OF PLANS By Annabelle Latz When you’re looking down the barrel at a potential 10 days in the Fiordland wilderness, traversing some territory that some local wild pigs and deer would not have graced, you want your navigational plan to be a sound one. Some teams gave their final thoughts on the

Exciting Morning Paddle

A couple of big rapids on the lower Waiau River will wake teams up as the early morning paddle gets underway towards TA1. After being held off the river last night due to low conditions, its a fresh start for most of the GODZone field who banked some good sleep at Kollats Crib and beside

Lights, Camera, Action

A group of international and national media are following GODZone over the next 10 days as the teams create some fairly compelling stories to share. Brazil, Scandinavia, USA and UK media are among the national journalists & photographers including a US film crew producing a documentary on adventure racing in New Zealand. This morning Nathan

GODZone 2017: the year of the underdogs?

Only a few hours into the race, and it’s clear this year has some unsung contenders. True to their name, the Sneaky Weasel Gang (34) has stormed ahead into the top four leading teams, ahead of last year’s champions; the Yealands Family Wines. They are just behind Torpedo 7 (21), Swordfox (17) and the leaders

Richie McCaw talks post race

Richie McCaw talks to Kent Johns after finishing the GODZone race. Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking interviews Richie McCaw These sound files are from soundcloud.com/nzherald

Team Cure Kids Reflections

Post race catch up.

Richie McCaw talks to the crowds after GODZone

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/b9k1omzbqwoi6oc/Richie%20On%20Godzone.m4a McCaw talked to hundreds of supporters on Kaiteriteri beach.

Media flock to GODZone for Cure Kids

As well as hundreds of supporters, there was a big media presence at the finish line waiting for Richie McCaw and the Cure Kids team come in. TVNZ went out and filmed them paddle along the Abel Tasman coastline and were on the beach to capture them landing. There are five clips from the finish

Photos of Cure Kids crossing the line

Our photographer was there to capture the team cross the line.

Watch as Cure Kids cross the finish line

The team were welcomed onto the beach at Kaiteriteri by hundreds of supporters.

Cure Kids cross GODZone finish line

Richie McCaw and the Cure Kids team have crossed the finish line at GODZone Chapter Five. Rob Nichol, Sarah Fairmaid, Ben Meyer and McCaw took five days and one hour to race 539km through Nelson/Tasman. They crossed the finish line in Kaiteriteri at exactly midday with hundreds of supporters cheering them on as they paddled

Cure Kids on the final stretch to the finish line

The Cure Kids Team launched their kayaks at Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park early this morning as they enter the last stage of GODZone. The team is now on a final 35km sea kayak to Kaiteriteri Beach. 14 teams have now finished the 530km course. Race Director Warren Bates says Cure Kids are

Cure Kids summit Mt Owen on fifth day

Richie McCaw and the Cure Kids team summited Mt Owen as the sun rose on the fifth day of their GODZone adventure. Rob Nichol, Sarah Fairmaid, Ben Meyer and McCaw were captured at the top of the mountain by Richard Chadderton, who mans the check point at the summit. They are raising money for children’s

Cure Kids on lake Rotoroa

Team Cure Kids at TA 4 and paddling on lake Rotoroa