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Exciting Morning Paddle

A couple of big rapids on the lower Waiau River will wake teams up as the early morning paddle gets underway towards TA1. After being held off the river last night due to low conditions, its a fresh start for most of the GODZone field who banked some good sleep at Kollats Crib and beside

Favs from Stage 1

Teams Hit Skyline

The teams arrive at Skyline Queenstown to grab their bikes before heading down into the trails

Tussock Jumpers at the finish

“Unbelievable… we’ll be back”

Leave no man behind: Tussock Jumpers on teammates

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/tbuh9uiovuz844g/Ben%20From%20Team%20Tussock%20Jumpers%20Talks%20About%20Looking%20After%20Teammates.m4a The guys from team 4 Tussock Jumpers on working as a team and missing their horses.

Update on teams

There have been some more changes to team with some dropping out of losing a member as the back of the pack arrived into TA3 after the Red Hills trek. Teams 30 NCX Simon Woods, Owain John, Stephen John and Carrie Lakin and 4 Tussock Jumpers Benjamin Lott, Paul Ayres, Steve Mosley and Sarah Brunton

Teams kayaking through big waves

GODZone Chapter Five teams faced some big waves as they kayaked through stage one.