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Heads Left, Tails Right finishing

“We got bang for buck!”

Teams go orienteering in the forest

GODZone Chapter Five teams tackled their second orienteering course at Lake Rotoiti, this time on foot. Photographer Olivia Spencer Bower caught up with a few of the teams as they ventured into the forest. She saw team 58 Tag Team from the UK and watched as members Lucy Noble, Craig Tweedie, Brandon Purdue and Tim

Photographer captures teams at Beebys

Rotorua based photographer Mead Norton last night packed up his camera and headed to Beebys Hut where he caught up with teams as they headed down off the Red Hill trek towards TA3. It’s always great for teams to see a friendly face and caught up with a gaggle of four Aussie teams Paddy Pallin

What’s in a name?

Coming up with a team name can be tricky. You want something memorable that sums up the essence of who you are. With four members involved in the decision, it can take time and negotiation to come to a consensus. These conversations have resulted in some unusual team names on the list at GODZone Chapter

Stage 2 MTB through to TA2

Single tracks in Silvan Forest, TA2 and onto the first trek, on the Red Hills.