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Swordfox Lend A Hand

Monday 5th March 2018

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A weary team Swordfox were taking a quick breather at CP16, where they picked up their non-compulsory gear left behind for the mammoth trek stage, when they were approached by one of the ladies in team Tail End Charlie.

“Do you have an inflation bag or pump you could leave with us?” she asked. [An inflation bag or pump is required to inflate the packrafts on Stage 3].

Swordfox looked at her bewilderedly, took a few seconds to process her request, and replied, “Yea, sure.” They all dug around in their packs, and Georgia was the first to produce a hand pump. Tail End Charlie was beyond grateful and in exchanged offered a large ziplock bag full of food – jerky, Backcountry meals, and other goodies – that hungry Swordfox team members enthusiastically welcomed.

Even in the midst of this gruelling adventure, the competitive teams at the pointy end of the field are compassionate to fellow athletes.

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