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Spotlight on Team ‘Shining Light On The Dark’

Wednesday 6th March 2019

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One of the teams tackling GODZone Chapter 8 is out there with different motivations to others. Team Shining Light On The Dark aim to use the race platform to raise awareness for mental health and suicide, the core function of the teams namesake a charity established by team member Ashley Cassin.

“Shining Light On The Dark was founded on the South Island’s West Coast in 2017, sadly a world leader in the suicide space with New Zealand leading OECD statistics for suicide per capita, and the West Coast leading New Zealand for the same statistic,” says Ashley. “The straw that broke the metaphoric camels back for me was the loss of a rugby team mate to suicide, amongst the grief came the idea of what can I do, what can we all do to help in this space.”

Team Shining Light On The Dark comprises of four self proclaimed “weekend warriors” David Bennison (34), Genevieve Leech (37) and Alistair Boyce (42) from Canterbury and Ashley Cassin (28) from the West Coast. Each have their own background in various sports with only Bennison having competed in a prior chapter of Godzone (Chapter 5 in Tasman). All members of the team have been touched by these issues and are passionate about doing all they can to support those that need it and those left behind as a result of suicide.

“Success in this space is simple, for the race just getting to Akaroa is the main aim and for the charity raising awareness and starting conversations is the bread and butter but any funds we are able to raise via the Give A Little page enable us to grow our communities resilience and ability in dealing with these issues through training sessions and guest speakers,”says Cassin.

“As a team we are all really excited to get to the start line and take the first step of what is all of our biggest physical challenges yet, to be doing this for such an important cause is what will help us through the dark moments and times we feel like giving up. We would like to thank those that have donated so far and let everyone know that any donation is gratefully accepted via the Give A Little page and will go 100% behind making change in this space” summarise Team Shining Light On The Dark.

Donations via Give A Little https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/shining-light-on-the-dark-godzone-challenge#

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