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Short Course For Unranked Teams

Monday 5th March 2018

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A disappointed Pat Farry Trust team is waiting patiently at TA3 to continue on the short course unranked. Having made a safety call at CP17, due to Harriet’s strained hip which was really struggling over the rough terrain, the team turned back yesterday through the thick bush, even packrafting down a tiny creek rather than try to make their way around the trees. Harriet was delivered to the TA by jetboat while the three guys walked in to arrive at 02:13.

All the team have raced before, Harriet in an all girl’s team at GODZone Chapter 6. But this, she said “Is a big step up from last year’s race in terms of terrain and navigation.”

Unranked teams are automatically short-coursed and will follow the short course route in the handbook.

So far unranked teams at TA3 are the Pat Farry Team plus 22 Checkpoint and 27 Hardtale, who both chose to short course themselves at CP16 by turning left on the course and heading straight to Rarakau.

These unranked teams will wait until aprox 8pm tonight before moving onto the short course for safety and logistics reasons and to allow the first fully ranked teams to navigate through reasonably untracked areas.

When asked if they would come back and attack these parts in the future, the Pat Farry team admitted they would love to. Whitewater rafting on the Wairaurahiri River was the highlight of the last few days.

The Pat Farry Trust is named after a GP from Queenstown who pioneered rural health education and as all four are doctors its natural to promote the awareness of this issue.

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