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Q&A with Sam Manson

Monday 5th March 2018

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First words out of Team 36 Victory Boxing at TA3 were; “We had an epic trek.”
We decided to ask Sam Manson some questions.

Did you have any problems finding any checkpoints?
“Na. Greig ‘s nav, so we just followed him around. We got them all pretty flawlessly. But yea, there were some that were a bit trickier.
There’s quite a lot of high points around up there but you can’t see them on the map, lots of fake ones. I think a lot of people got caught out on that one.
After that there’s one on the lake, a mini lake, I guess you could call it a tarn. Getting to it wasn’t that easy because there was a deep creek, deep valley/gorge you had to get through.”

Did you have to navigate to any CPs in the dark?
“Na, we left Slaughterburn about 10-11pm, went up, Greig did some really good navigation, followed the ridgeline for quite a while, and about 2am we just slept for 2-2.5 hours. Then just had to follow the ridge for a bit longer, and before you know it it was daylight so the hard part was done. By the time we had to find the CP it was daylight.”

What was the highlight of that section?
“Probably up on the ridge about 1am in the morning, big moon up there.”

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