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Friday 2nd March 2018

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By Annabelle Latz
There’s nothing more satisfying for a course director and his hard working team, than seeing their competitors shadow the start line on race day.
That was the case yesterday morning on the Main Street of Te Anau, for GODZone Course Director Adam Fairmaid.
“I’m feeling good, I can’t wait for everyone to take off,” he said, adding that they’re always happy to see the administrative side of things done, and the race actually start.
The mood on the start line, a few ticks of the clock before 8am, was a bit nervy, but nothing out of the ordinary.
“All the competitors are always just on edge, there’s a little bit of trepidation about what they’re facing. But I think after a couple of hours everyone settles into it, particularly when everyone starts getting on their feet, they all start to settle down and just get into the rhythm.”
The route has certainly caused much discussion amongst competitors and spectators.
“They are looking at stage three and thinking it’s a really long stage, and I think that’s where the race is going to be made in a lot of ways. If the teams can get through stage three, in reasonably good time, they have a good chance of making the full course.”
He said it’s one which spectators will watch with interest, as it’s where get hung up a bit, and held back.
“The competitors seemed excited about the course,” said Adam.

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