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A sure shuffle for those chasing the leaders

Behind the current podium potentials there’s a few shifts going on. It looks like Ataraxia MACPAC (01) and Racer’s Edge – Powered by Torpedo 7 (21) are spending Monday evening and night taking turns in the fourth and fifth spots over the Te Iringa Track and Mohaka River. Both teams are very well respected by

You just have to believe

It’s at this stage of the race that doubt starts to creep in for some teams, as to whether they will make the cut off or not. Day Two has just about come to an end, with the top half of the field on the Stage 4 rogaine which takes them through the Whirinaki State

Craig Cook gives in-depth GODZone analysis

For more up to date analysis and commentary of Adventure Races around the World including the GODZone go to Craig Cooks Facebook page. Facebook tag:@ARLiveCoverage.

Lead teams sorting it out already

In true New Zealand style, the epic nature of the world’s biggest adventure race, GODZone, was heightened by an earthquake that decided to jump on in and shake things up. At 2.27am this morning a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, one of three in fact, hit 100 kilometres east of Te Araroa in the North Island. Even


In 2020, Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty region, will become the first North Island area of New Zealand to host the world’s largest expedition adventure race, GODZone. It was announced on Saturday, at the GODZone prize giving in Akaroa, that the Rotorua Lakes Council has succeeded in securing the hosting rights to GODZone Chapter


Sixty-three teams raced off the GODZone Akaroa start line this morning right on 9am and headed into a full day of multisport disciplines that will see them arrive at the Christchurch Adventure Park later this afternoon. The teams ran from the Akaroa Reserve on the waterfront and dived straight into a 7km coaster around Akaroa

Fiordland A Success For GODZone

Chapter 7 of GODZone has been hailed an international success with more than 360 competitors from around the world taking part and significant interest from national and international media showcasing the event. The GODZone website achieved more than 2.1 million hits during event week, and the event was a spectacle of Te Anau and Fiordland’s


LEARNING FROM THOSE WHO WRITE THE ADVENTURE RACING BOOK By Annabelle Latz It still rings clear as a bell in his head, the day Todd Vickery stepped into Adventure Racing. The journey started in 2016, from his Brisbane white-collared corporate world office. “I had never heard of the sport. I was sitting at work and

Thats a Wrap

The last teams are across the GODZone finish line in Te Anau. Team 51 Nothing Ventured were the first to arrive and welcomed by an enthusiastic waiting crowd of friends, families and locals who had been on tenterhooks for the last 24 hours. Balloons, children, streamers, bubbles, laughter and looks of relief were the order


Trevor and Joanne Mcgowan are retired, and in their fifth year of volunteering at GODZone. They said they would have done GODZone it if was 60 years ago, but no way now! They were introduced to GODZone via family. They both love meeting lots of new people they volunteer with. The highlight of this event


Jasmine, a young Te Anau local, was walking along the Lake Te Anau waterfront a few days ago when she spotted the action at the GODZone finish line at the Marakura Yacht Club. Curious to know what was going on she wandered over to check it out. Keen to get involved she volunteered her time


JUMP AT THE CHANCE By Annabelle Latz Chatting to Joe Skerman on the phone this evening, he was still ‘watching the dots’ from his dairy farm in Bulls. Before being support crew for his wife’s GODZone team this week, he had always wondered why four people were needed for an adventure racing team. “But now

Cinderella’s Shoes Part Two

We last saw team 42, NZHL Women Beyond Cancer, on Sunday as they landed on the riverbank near CP16 after the packraft across Lake Hauroko and down the Wairaurahiri River. Chanel had left her shoes behind at Teal Bay, which did not bode well for the mammoth off-trail trek that was taking teams a number

Lake Herries Delivers Magic

The Kepler Mountains have been the focal point for the last several days of racing where teams have moved between Fiordlands two great lakes – Manapouri and Te Anau. The mountains make up much of the northern shore of Manapouri and the South Fiord of Lake Te Anau. Hidden at the top of the trek

8th Day of Race

As the 8th day of race kicks in its clear teams have discovered expedition racing at GODZone provides real adventure and many days on their feet. Over half of the 92 teams that started last Thursday have arrived at the finish line in Te Anau but there are still plenty more to arrive. All teams


Hillary Cant is a boat crew member for real Journeys Doubtful Sound. This is her first time at GODZone, in fact her first involvement with adventure racing. She said she probably wouldn’t ever do a GODZone herself, but has really enjoyed her involvement and getting to know some of the other volunteers. She heard about


A RAVE AND GLOWSTICKS A FEATURE OF GODZONE By Annabelle Latz Glow sticks and lycra galore, a dozen slightly worse for wear and rough around the edges athletes dance around the tents in the rain. The scene is set amongst the thickest of Fiordland bush. The occasion is GODZone, Chapter Seven. The team instigating this

An Early Morning Flotilla

There was a tight group of 3 Pursuit teams eager to head off on their last stage of the race this morning from Brod Bay to the finish line. Having been dark zoned off the lake last night the teams had caught up on sleep and paddled across a milky calm lake to an early


Graeme Sunnex is a plant operator in Napier, and has come down to volunteer at GODZone for the first time. “It certainly opens up your eyes to all the work that goes on,” he said, adding he’s really enjoyed following where the course goes.


Melissa Aitken, a Personal Trainer/Sports Massage Therapist from Invercargill, has been volunteering with the media crew this GODZone. She’s had experience with adventure racing before; competing and volunteering, and was really keen to experience the media crew life of GODZone. She heard from friend about joining up. Favoruite bits have been getting amongst it and