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Emotions Run High for Team Topsport

Team Topsport with high profile competitors Simone Maier, Sam Manson, Hamish Fleming and Theo Wordsworth, who are currently in fifth spot, are battling on despite a race injury for Sam Manson. The team have been working to support Manson who has been suffering from foot infections since coming off the gruelling 155km trek over the

Team isport Claim Second – Bates and Fairmaid Wrap Day Six

‘Racers Edge’ Show Experience As They Edge into Fourth


Event Director Warren Bates talks Chapter 9 (AUDIO)

Warren Bates talks Chapter 9 with Ferg on Classic Hits

Event Director Warren Bates talks Chapter 8


World class adventurer, GODZone course advisor and tech manager Ian Edmond discusses the challenges that lie ahead for Chapter 8, what skills he thinks teams should brush up on and Canterbury being an adventure playground.

Directors Update

Busy day five with finish line underway and teams still trekking stage 3. Here is an update from the race directors Warren Bates and Adam Fairmaid…

PWC at TA 3


There’s no doubt the GODZone competitors currently battling the Fiordland wilderness are running a bit low on the shut eye action right now. But ya know what, sleep deprivation can get the better of the GODZone staff too. Yesterday GZ media crew member Belle was having a catch up with GZ volunteer crew Neil and

Day Four Mindgames & Maps

Day four is proving to be a psychological challenge as much as a physical one for teams as they battle route choice and fatigue. Looking at lead positions right now may not reflect what is actually going to play out. Race directors Adam Fairmaid and Warren Bates discuss what it means to be in an


COMRADERY AMONGST THE CLOUDS By Annabelle Latz Loaded up with a tent, coffee grinder, boiler and other vital essentials, GODZone media crew members Karn Christian and Steven Freitag slung their cameras and video recorders over their shoulders and headed up into the Fiordland wilderness, to capture the abseiling action at Borland. Described as spectacular scenery

Left or Right on Stage 3 Trek – Directors’ Thoughts

The race is unfolding in an exciting way today as Stage 3 brings a new set of challenges for a growing number of teams who have made it onto the trekking stage through the Crombie River area towards Lake Poiteriteri. Competitors have been anticipating a difficult time through this stage that includes paddling south on

In Pursuit

Pursuiters Team 87 Worst Pace Scenario are very much in the game today as they paddle across Lake Hauroko. With plenty of time to consider strategy whilst biking team captain Elisha Nuttall reckons it will be all about route choice and they want to make the correct choice….here is what’s going on in Nuttall’s mind…

A Team Reunion

Six hours sleep has worked wonders for one of the leading Pursuit teams. New Zealand team 85 Lincon Reunion are traveling at the front of the Pursuit field and their two words for the next 24 hours are happy days…here is the chat from TA2 earlier this morning at the put in on Lake Hauroko.

Outdoing Each Other

The second full day of GODZone racing has seen the top three teams sweep through stage 2 and onto stage 3 packrafting across Lake Hauroko in time to get onto the Wairaurahiri River before the dark zone kicked in. Event Director Warren Bates and Course Advisor Ian Edmonds discuss the pro’s and cons of these

The Game of Adventure Racing

Making the best decisions or the right decisions while racing is often the key to success but there is never only one way to go. Race Directors Warren Bates and Adam Fairmaid talk about team strategy and the looming short courses and cutoffs that will be starting to play on the team’s minds.


With only a matter of minutes between first and second position, Yealands Family Wines ran into Kollats Crib tonight and looked relieved to see Swordfox were still cleaning their gear. Team captain Chris Forne had plenty to say about the first day out racing…

Waiau River Closed Overnight

The first teams to arrive at Kollats Crib on the Monowai River have been told that the Waiau River section futher downstream is closed overnight. GODZone Safety Office Michel Le Page explains why…