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Bend & Tiki On A Misson

Monday 5th March 2018

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Tiki Tour arrived at TA3 at 10:32 in fourth position, planning just a 15min turnaround. They had their map ‘lost for them’ at Slaughterburn. A few teams had been in and they reckon someone picked theirs up by mistake. Their spare was not waterproofed but they can’t claim that was the reason for the ‘dodgy navigation’ which was “tricky. The lines were just so horrible. Boggy and a bit wet.”
They will jump on their bikes now and “just keep going” onto stage 4.

Just ahead of them, arriving at 10:20 was third placed, Bend Racing/FEAR Society who put in an immediate disclaimer that they ‘have had little sleep so we’ll say weird things’.
Although moving efficiently through the TA, there was a short shouted debate across the transition as Chelsea wanted to set up under the gazebo while the others were happy to assemble their bikes in the wet field. It’s the small things that count when you finally make a TA!
Andy refused to remove his shoes, that had been newly dipped into detergent for a Didymo check. “It will make me slower, so I’m going to do everything with my shoes on” he said while the others inspected their feet.
“Mind over matter” counselled Jason. “Blisters are superficial. The only thing that makes it better is ignoring it. Or stopping racing, but..you know..” he trailed off.
The resounding call was the team was very happy to put their packraft back in its bag.
“Packrafts go away for good! Yayy. Never thought I’d be happy to throw away my packraft.”

Asked about the nav Jason said “It was my favourite nav ever in a big race! They put a tiny pond in the middle of Fiordland National Park (CP 19) and they made it so you couldn’t have an attack point, just bluffs and swamps everywhere. Was awesome. We were kinda surprised to find it.”

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