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All the Pursuits are now home, and smiling until the very end.

Friday 3rd March 2017

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By Annabelle Latz

All the Pursuit teams are now home safe n’ sound, and there’s a whole bunch of small faces in Hamilton who will be thrilled to bits.
Fastlane Fitness Team Teach (71) achieved their goal, to complete the full course Chapter 6 GODZone, as a ranked team.
“It was tough, we knew it was going to be like that, but mentally it was very tough,” said team member Alana Cramond, who teaches at Hakanui Primary, Hamilton, alongside fellow team mates Francis Young and Hannah Wakefield.
The fourth member of the team Edward Young also lives in Hamilton.
Alana said the scenery was a huge highlight, as was the final paddle today from Kingston, and the great weather.
“It’s been great weather, but not too hot,” she said.
Even when they knew they were at the bottom of the Pursuit field, Hannah said they always knew they could fulfil their goal.
Hukanui School right behind them, and the families have been awesome, helping out with really helpful things like donations, and supermarket vouchers for the support crew.
“We’ve even clued the kids up on tracking us,” said Alana.
They spent a lot of the race alongside Perth Desert Dwellers, (75) who unfortunately had to pull out late in the game.
“They were our buddies!” said Alana, pointing out the Aussies who were on the finish line to greet them.
Hannah’s biggest challenge was Mt Crichton, which she said was really tough on the ankles.
“And the wind today, I felt like we were getting nowhere!”
Doing GODZone has been a great feat for their leadership as teachers.
“It’s to be a good role model for the kids,” she said.
Francis agreed, saying they’re always encouraging the kids to challenge themselves and become inspired.
“So we’re talking the talk,” he said.
His word of advice to those thinking about GODZone is to be very well prepared, and “think of everything.”
Edward’s wise words for others were about the training aspect.
“Do a lot of training, and then do some more,” he said.
Edward noted that everyone found their limits on the course, and pushed past them.
He had a great time, but wasn’t committed to a Yes quite yet when asked if he’d be signing up for Chapter 7.

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