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Adventure Medical Kits Hang On To Lead Squad

Sunday 26th February 2017

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Race Director Warren Bates used the term ‘cling on’ this morning when checking the progress of highly rated international team Adventure Medical Kits. After making an interesting navigational choice on the over night Bullendale Trek the team arrived just before 6am and had banked only a short amount of sleep. ” They are chasing those lead teams hard who have all had great sleep – eventually its going to catch up on them.”  Before the race GODZone talked with AMD captain Kyle Peters about his expectations…

Race Director Warren Bates talked you up to maybe be the first international team ever to win GODZone!

We know we have the ability to win this prestigious race.  Coming off a successful 2016 with 2 Adventure Race World Series race wins and a 2nd, 3 domestic 24 hour race wins, and a 2nd place at the Adventure Race World Champs (allowing us to maintain our 3rd place in the ARWS Ranking) we have built the confidence and experience to show up in Queenstown set up for success.

How did you like your first GODZone event in Tasman last year?

We were never firing 100% at GODZone Chapter 5.

(here come the excuses! :))  I was ill and injured for the month prior to landing in Nelson, and spent the majority of the race without a backpack.  My teammates had the burden of carrying all of the team gear as well as my personal supplies.  We broke a mountain bike pedal during the MTB-O on Rabbit island and spend precious time in the early hours of the race sorting that.  We seemed to take 4 days to find our stride with route choices in the Kiwi bush.  Finally on the last trekking leg, we started clicking with the maps and nailed the fastest routes.

You are expecting a different outcome for Chapter 6?

Yes definitely. The whole team has focused on our training and gear preparations to be ready to race the best in the sport in their home arena.

Tell us about the team.

Garret Bean is experiencing his debut at GODZone and is looking forward to climbing as many mountains as he can during the race. He discovered his knack for endurance sports late in life, but his years of being an adventurous child growing up in the San Gabriel Mountains prepared him well.  He keeps his teammates perpetually in hysterics as he leads the charge out on the race courses.  He is the first to crack a joke and lighten the most tense situations.

We hear Mari Chandler is one awesome, tough racer.

Many consider her one of the best in adventure racing in the US and her successful college track career,set her up for a career in multisport.  As a highly competitive team member she is passionate about exploring and taking on the GODZone challenge.

And you have an Aussie in the ranks – Rob Preston.

Rob has competed in 4 out of 6 GODZone chapters and loves the competitive sport of orienteering. He achieved 1st in the 2015 Australin 24 hour Rogaine Championships and would love to get a win under his belt at GODZone.









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