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Who’s Gonna Win?

Monday 27th February 2017

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Big questions are being asked tonight by everyone watching the dots as the two lead teams appear neck and neck on the tracker map. After departing TA8 at Halfway Bay just 41 minutes ahead of Team Yealands Family Wines late this afternoon, Team Tiki Tour are now at least an hour ahead according to GZ course assist Ian Edmond.
“These teams are climbing steep rocky ridge lines that fall away to tussock tundra in pitch black. The Southern evening stars and milky way are out in full above but they won’t be shining enough to light the way for these guys who are doing battle to the very end.”
“Tiki Tour has not given an inch since they started this stage and it does not look like they have even stopped for one moment or a breather. We are guesstimating the first team, whoever it may be, will arrive into Kingston beach transition around 5 – 7am but who really knows. Both teams chose slightly different routes but ended up at the same altitude – you could argue at this point that Tiki Tour made a slightly quicker route choice.”
Edmonds says the route is knarly andin the dark the teams are doing extra ordinarily well to be keeping up this pace.
” Tomorrow morning is looking like the finish will be in full swing at Frankon Beach but its still too close to call as to just which team it will be crossing that line!”