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Update From Skippers Canyon

Sunday 26th February 2017

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Blogger Sarah Cairns has spent 18 hours up in Skippers Canyon hunting down the teams as they trek down into Branches Camp and get into the Stage 3 water and abseil sections……here’s her feedback….

” Generally the teams we are meeting coming down off the trek are a varied bunch. The first eight teams all managed to get quite abit of sleep and looked the better for it – in much better spirits than the teams coming through now. If you consider the time this mid pack has now spent out in the field, tiredness is really kicking in because they are operating on minimal sleep. Its quite obvious with some teams who are feeling cold, shaking and shivering because the exhaustion is stopping their bodies from warming up. This afternoon sun will hopefully heat them up soon.”

” Here on the Skippers Bridge we have certainly seen some teams experiencing extreme fear of heights – its been a not uncommon confession amongst many of the teams. Its a long long way down and the abseil has freaked a few of them.”

“There are still Pure teams moving through on their Skippers trek and many are in high spirits and are just enjoying the experience at their own pace. Team Motueka seemed really relaxed and I’d say well see a stronger move by them later in the race.”

” There are a few noticeable strains in the team dynamics with some teammates finding the challenge of racing together interesting to say the least!”