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Triage at TA4 Arthurs Point

Monday 27th February 2017

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The TA4  staff and medic at Arthur Points were kept super busy over night patching up competitors who were coming in with superficial cuts and scrapes. Volunteers Manager Paula Kay Rodgers says everyone was most thankful to Medic Graeme Seymour who cleaned up a lot of people’s feet that had turned to mush.

” At least 8 people needed some attention and one female competitor from team Koha Racing was told to consider wether she should carry on racing given the state of her feet. They are currently still at the transition assessing their situation.”

” Graeme did managed one minor surgical procedure of removing an enormous thorn from the side of a competitors leg to much applaud from those at the campsite. It did feel a little like we were in the presence of Hawkeye from Mash.