Tiki Tour Complete Top Trio

Posted on 2018-03-07

Team Tiki Tour got the party started today paddling across a milky pond Lake Te Anau in the early morning light to the finish line in third place.
The returning Chapter 6 champion team has chased teams Yealands Family Wines and Swordfox from the very beginning and while pleased to have finished were a tad disappointed to have not broken through the ranks.
” It was a mammoth, mammoth course,” said team captain Tom Lucas. “We would have liked to have been there all the way but unfortunately that was not to be. My bushcraft wasn’t quite up there until finally over the last trek things seemed to come together. We were starting to think our luck had run out for old number 13 but we got here.”
When asked if the team had spent much time with the top two teams Lucas said after the Wairaurahiri River the leads were gone.
“We were all so close coming in off the river and we crossed paths with Yealands once on the way to CP17 and then we never saw them again.”

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