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Saturday 3rd March 2018

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By Annabelle Latz

Next time you’re scanning the Leaderboard terrain profile (at the top of the Ranking page, not on Mobile), take a look at that vertical black line called ‘Course Closure.’
It’s a theoretical time line, indicating the teams that are currently destined to achieve, or fail GODZone Chapter Seven.
This line will gradually move from the start, to reach the finish at course closure time, which is Saturday March 10th at 2pm.
Course Advisor Ian Edmond wanted to assure GODZone followers that you shouldn’t panic if the team you’re following is traveling a bit too close for comfort to this line; GODZone is a long race, there’s plenty of sections and demands, and anything can happen.
“Teams behind the line at the moment have a chance to leap ahead of it if they have a strong stage performance, or they’re Short Coursed during the race,” he said.
So to sum things up for the current situation, at 11am Saturday March 3, all PURE teams that have not yet made it to TA1; through the rafting, first trek, abseil, and more paddling, navigating the Upper Waiau, Borland, Monowai and Middle Waiau, at this rate look like they will not make the full course.
In the PURSUIT camp, the course closure line has a bit more give, as the Pursuits have a slightly shorter course. Therefore, as Edmond puts it, “as long as they’ve got TA1 pretty much within their sights, they are looking sweet.”
HQ refer to this line affectionately as the Grim Reaper, or more encouragingly, a “gentle push from behind.”
“The teams will just need to make sure they stay on the right hand side of the Course Closure line, to ensure they reach the finish line before the course closes,” said Edmond.