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Thursday 2nd March 2017

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By Annabelle Latz

Quest AR (6) were all smiles when they touched the shore of the finishing line of Chapter 6 GODZone yesterday evening.
After four days, 11 hours and 34 minutes they were all done.
They had so much fun in fact, they renamed the race.
Richard Kresser described it as the race that “kept on giving.”
“So we’ve renamed Godzone The Generous Zone,” he laughed.
The foursome from the USA will be best remembered for being the only team to successfully circumnavigate the coast line of the Stage 8 mountain bike ‘Via Greenstone.’
Swordfox (17) and Adventure Medical Kits (9) both attempted, but had to turn back.
Emily Caseria said they knew two other teams had gone around it, so thought it must be possible.
They bashed their way through a lot of matagouri, which was rather tricky with bike in hand too.
“The feet were a bit sore too, with bike shoes and stuff!” laughed Emily.
Dusty Caseria had been hopeful for a good marked track, but he was out of luck.
“We discussed it as a group beforehand, decided it wouldn’t be too bad,” he said.
Gavin Woody especially enjoyed the rest of the mountain biking.
“Except for the bike bush whacking,” he grinned.