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Swordfox Take The Lead

Sunday 4th March 2018

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The trackers have updated and now we can see Swordfox have taken the lead!
” That was a bit of a surprise when we saw how far they were in front of Yealands,” says GODZone Course Advisor Ian Edmond. ” The tracker now shows that Yealands probably stopped and slept for some time between 5am and 8am and that’s when Swordfox pushed ahead.”
The Southern beach coastal track both teams are now trekking along will take them back to Waitutu Lodge and across the lower Wairaurahiri River to a well-formed track towards Rarakau and TA3.
“The racing is certainly more straightforward along this part of the course and so for these two teams, it might become more of a leg race rather than navigation and route finding choice. Ability and sense of fitness may have been nullified by fatigue so we will watch to see how these teams are coping with sleep deprivation and how well they have been looking after themselves.”
” This is a definitive strategic move by Swordfox to use the early morning light to get ahead of Yealands but at some stage, they will be forced to stop and sleep themselves – this will allow Yealands to close the gap and possibly retain the lead.”