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Richie, Rob, Sarah & Bob

Monday 5th March 2018

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‘Loving stage 3’ was the comment from Rob Nichol from Team PwC when they arrived at TA3 in 6th position this afternoon.
“It’s absolutely spectacular out there and we are feeling great about how the team is tracking and super pleased to be at TA3.”
The team that includes former All Black captain Richie McCaw is currently ranked 6th on the leaderboard.
“Both Richie and Sarah ran out of food on this last section and Richie is slightly unsteady on his feet right now but once we get some tucker into us everyone will be good to go,” said Nichol.
“We are pleased with how the race is shaping up for us and especially that we got to this point on the course in good daylight. Now we can tackle this next mountain bike leg that has some tricky navigation through the Rowallan Forest.”
Nichol is suffering with massively swollen hands and the team have several scrapes and blisters from bushbashing but remain undeterred.
“Timing is key for us and so far GODZone is going very well for us.”