Potato Chips & Pies

Posted on 2018-03-07

Pies & potato chips are the perfect race food. Ask any racer.
When Richie McCaw raced at GODZone Chapter 5 in Tasman he was involved with the purchase and eating of quite a few pies around the course – all totally allowed by the race rules. That was the year the most pies were ever eaten at GODZone and is affectionately referred to as ‘piegate’by race management and crew.
Since then Jimmys Pies have become synonymous with GODZone and the iconic Roxborough made pies are the first thing competitors enjoy when they cross the finish line. This year over 500 Jimmys pies are being served to racers, volunteers and organisers during 10 days of racing.
Potato chips are high on the list of priorities for most adventure racers for their salt content, calorie count and ease of eating – they are the ideal race food. Richie McCaw and Sarah Fairmaid are leading the charge this year busting out the Pringles at TA5 late yesterday and enjoying every single mouthful.Richie said “These are so bad for you but taste so good at this moment!”

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