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Wednesday 7th March 2018

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By Annabelle Latz
Packrafting NZ (23) just ‘dealt with things as they came,’ and arrived at Waitutu Lodge before setting out for the coast, in the very early hours of Tuesday morning.
After a couple of hours of shut eye, they
we’re on their way again.
“Although the bush can be cold and dark, when the sun comes up and the mist is over the mountains, it’s just stunning,” they agreed, reflecting on their last couple of days.
Oliver Thompson, a possum trapper from Whakatane, is the youngest member on the course, and has been having a great time out here with his Queenstown team mates.
“I really enjoyed the packrafting, and the navigation.”
He won the Two Day Coast to Coast last month, but said that was a sprint compared to this.
“We’re just going to push through to TA3, then smash it out on the bike We’ll be strong there.”
Oliver said there’s a strong scene back home for young adventure racers, although a few of his mates think he’s pretty crazy to do GODZone.
“I probably am a bit crazy,” he admitted.
His team love having this young blood.
“Oliver’s just out there, loving doing cool things.”