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Monday 5th March 2018

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In a ten-day expedition race there are always going to be times when it seems like progress is awfully slow. While watching those little dots move around the course on your computer screen its good to remember they are only a virtual indicator of what the teams are up to.
Race Director Adam Fairmaid says things have slowed down considerably in the last 12 hours as teams opted to stay overnight in huts out on Stage 3 of the course.
“I’m impressed with how many teams are still in the race and thinking strategically about how to make it all the way to the end. The lead teams who arrived into TA3 early this morning came in at a good clip and seemed in good spirits. Dan from Yealands has quite a major foot problem so we will watch that closely and I think there will be more of this to come which will affect the pace of teams from here.”
A good cluster of mid to backfield teams will be pushing to complete stage 3 today through the unrelenting Fiordland bush.
” I expect TA3 will be a point where some teams will consider their future in the race but if they can get their heads around the next two stages being bike and paddle legs, which gets them off their feet, then that should help them rationalise it all,” says Fairmaid.
Conditions today along the Southern Coast track are foggy with low sea mist which is expected to burn off by midday.