Adventure racing is a combination of multiple endurance disciplines. Cross country running, high mountain trekking, navigation, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, climbing and associated rope skills are the most common methods of travel during a race, though other methods of human powered transport can be used (often reflecting the culture of a region or a particular type of terrain).

Navigation is an integral part of adventure racing and teams are expected to find their way through the wilderness where paths can be confusing or largely non-existent. An expedition adventure race normally spans 4 to 10 days of continuous racing, though the weather can play a huge part in dictating the overall time taken.

Teams must pass through a series of mandatory checkpoints along the course before reaching the finish. Teams are provided with marked maps and a team handbook which provides some insight into the challenges ahead. Competitors change from one mode of transportation (from bike to trekking to kayak, for example) to another at designated transition areas. One of the unique aspects of GODZone is that the maps and course remain a secret to all the teams until a few hours before the start meaning that teams need to prepare for the unknown and be competent in dealing with back country travel.

The event runs 24hrs a day non-stop with decisions to rest and sleep left for teams to decide.

Contact Us About Media

For further information about media opportunities or if you have any related questions, please contact:

Contact: Margo Berryman
Mobile: 021 246 3342 (international +64 21 246 3342)

To get media accreditation for GODZone please visit our Accreditation page (which goes ‘Live’ after entries have opened).

Media Formats

GODZone receives a significant amount of media attention across all media formats. The event enjoys national TV coverage on both main news channels, usually every evening during the event. The broadcasters also use the footage for their web platforms and excerpts are often the ‘most watched’ news item of the day. All Chapters of GODZone have been extensively filmed in HD and have been aired in New Zealand, Australia and in select locations around the globe.

Printed media also has an extensive interest in GODZone and we have made the front cover of many national and regional newspapers as well as featured in a large number of domestic and international magazines – often lured by the magical experience and stunning imagery provided by teams racing in New Zealand.

One area where we have been able to set the event apart from all others has been our Live Coverage platform. We have set the benchmark incredibly high with our website during race week and this has brought in tens of thousands of viewers who have immersed themselves in the event. No other event has a website with such innovation and dedicated resources to ensure that the story gets out to the viewers. Key features include:

  • Minute by minute live news leaderboard updates
  • Satellite tracking of each team updated every 15 minutes
  • Daily uploads of HD video content
  • Extensive photographic database available to all
  • Interactive forum for people to write into the site as they view
  • All content streamed through Facebook site
  • Huge pre event detail to immerse public in online experience