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May The Best Team Win

Monday 5th March 2018

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Swordfox are back where they want to be …in front.
Arriving at TA3 in Rarakau just on 2am – one hour behind Yealands Family Wines- the team spent some time chowing into food before heading off at 3.15am. The team reckoned Yealands would have to sleep and so decided they would not.
“Our goal to catch Yealands has been to go faster and quicker. We’re gonna do the very best we can and may the best team win.”
They are now about 20kms in on the 160km mountain bike to West Arm.
Yealands Family Wines have left the TA after arriving very hungry having rationed their food for the last 50kms. Dan has some foot problems so it seems they have taken time to sleep and repair.