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Making The Full Course Cut Off

Tuesday 6th March 2018

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Today’s big question is how many full course Pure teams on Stage 3 will make the short course cut off?
Teams will need to arrive and depart TA3 no later than 1am Wednesday morning to continue on the fully ranked Pure course.
GZ Course Director Adam Fairmaid says around 30 teams have the potential. He flew the course yesterday and caught up with a few of them.
“Generally the teams towards the front of this pack are pretty happy cos they know they are in the mix, the next lot have gone hard and fast to stay in the game and some are hurting so not so happy. Then there are the teams at the back who have paced themselves well and they are in a better frame of mind. The lead pack are walking along the south coast track as we speak – they know when their cut off is and so with that in mind they will be going for it. The good thing is if they get on the full course these teams do have potential to make it all the way.”