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Tuesday 28th February 2017

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Tina Moore wobbled on her feet so much getting out the kayak at the finish line she practically pitched backwards straight into the lake. Team Virbac Animal Health had exhausted every last bit of energy they had – there was nothing left in the tank.
Virbac’s amazing support crew were there…ready to steady them all as the team crawled out of their kayaks and stood unsteadily looking slightly bewildered at all the fuss being made on the beach. Then slowly they got it together and stepped forward to cross the finish line as first placed mixed Pursuit team.
The stories tumbled out of their mouths about Adam stuffing his knee, drag racing at the start of the rafting, not being able to hear what their support crew were yelling at them from the side of the lake, the confusion of ridge lines and steep bluffs overnight on the Eyre mountains, at times choosing safety over racing and then the raw emotion they felt paddling the last 100 meters into Frankton Beach.
Well done Virbac – you deserve the biggest sleep in ever.