Posted on 2018-03-05

There’s no doubt the GODZone competitors currently battling the Fiordland wilderness are running a bit low on the shut eye action right now.

But ya know what, sleep deprivation can get the better of the GODZone staff too.

Yesterday GZ media crew member Belle was having a catch up with GZ volunteer crew Neil and Chris.

Here’s what Neil Foote had to say, who, just for the record, was midway through a snack during this chat, so sign language also featured in this exchange. You may have to use your imagination a little bit. Getting through the formalities took longer than expected…. Check out the sound bite.

** Neil’s son Dan was racing in Team 68, The Moose Hunters, but unfortunately a gastro bug that went through the team forced them to withdraw early. We’ll see you guys out there again no doubt!

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