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Ginger Ninja Crew down to three

Sunday 26th February 2017

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The Ginger Ninja Crew (81) from Christchurch have sadly had to continue without Brian Wilson, who has retired due to a previous medical illness.

However, the rest of the Pursuit team are keeping going with high spirits, living up to their motto to ‘have fun and enjoy the magic of the race’.

“We’ve got a unique set of skills, such as having a hip flask, a zimmer frame and being mentally insane.” Team member Jonny says at the start line on Saturday.

This is the team’s first GODZone race together, and Darryl has some serious concerns about the challenges ahead. “I’m scared I won’t always have Tinder reception.” he admits.

However, the white water rafting section of the course is worrying Jonny more. “By the size of those rapids, I think we’re just going to ditch the paddles and hold on.”

The Ginger Ninja’s sense of humour and camaraderie is clear, and we’ve high hopes for Jonny, Darryl and 18-year-old Blake to finish the race in style. Good luck guys!