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Efforts and generosity huge amongst leading Pursuit teams

Monday 27th February 2017

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By Annabelle Latz

The two leading teams in the Pursuit section of GODZone are both competing for more than just themselves.
Virbac Animal Health, (74) currently in top position, is raising money for Starship Hospital, as team member Anthony Oswald’s four year-old daughter Pippa has spent some time there.
Oswald and team mate Brendan Hickman are defending champions of the Pursuit competition, which deputed last year.
Second placed Best Foot Forward (83) is raising money for an electric bike for team mate Bob Mclachlan’s 15 year-old niece, who was born with twisted limbs, and subsequently had one leg amputated in 2015.
Prior to the race, Mclachlan had expressed it is hard to get small enough electric assist bikes for people like Grace.
The huge hearts of these teams is reflected in their competitive spirit which has been massive, and equalled with enormous efforts between these two teams since Saturday morning, both taking turns in the lead.
Tonight will see them both navigating Stage 9, the 33km Alpine Trek ‘Eyre Mountains’ which starts at Half Way Bay Station and ends at Kingston Branch Reserve.
It should make for an interesting night, where they will be navigating bush and forest, and taking on steep ground and cliffs.

Please click on the links below for more information about these fundraising efforts.