Dark Zones & Cut Off’s looming

Posted on 2018-03-07

Dark Zones
Dark zones kick in tonight on Lake Te Anau.
This will affect Pursuit and short course teams paddling from Brod Bay to the finish line.
They will be required to stop paddling at 9pm and camp or stay in TA7.
Teams will receive time credits and be restarted in the morning at five-minute intervals.
Full course teams will be dark zoned from 9pm until 6.30am tomorrow. Teams will be required to stop at TA6 or pull off the lake and camp. These teams will receive a time credit to determine their final ranking.

Cut Offs
Pure teams who do not make the 3am cut off at TA4 West Arm tomorrow morning will (weather permitting) paddle from there to Supply Bay and continue on the short course to Brod Bay and then paddle to the finish line.

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