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Crucial Midnight Cut Off Tonight

Tuesday 28th February 2017

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So lets take a look at the teams streaming down off Mt Crichton in a rush to get paddling on Lake Wakatipu tonight and make that all important ‘short course’ cut off.

7 teams are currently travelling between TA 5 and TA6. They then must get down to Glenorchy by midnight.

Team 18 who have the chosen the highly unusual name of Team 11 – yep its their actual team name – are currently the closest to the kayak leg so getting down to Glenorchy should not be too much of a problem given its taking an average of 2.5 to 3 hours up the lake.

Next is Team 41 NZ Natural Formulas spent over 4 hours at Lake Isobel so have had a decent kip – should help them dig deep. They are moving well and we want to know what formulas are making them so speedy?

Team 44 LIC goal for the race is to not get fired by their boss while racing so come on MAKE that cut off and you should be all sweet.

Team 14 – the Otago Minions are next and descending quite quickly. They look like they are heading for the road but thats out of bounds so surely will get back on track. Apparently their feet have plenty of Gurney Goo which will be most helpful on this long trek leg. But it won’t make them fly!

Team TF Bundy are our local Queenstown girls lead by the legendary Sue Tait. Come on girls you know you can do this!!

Team 33 Race royalty – Hard n up Princesses are still wearing their tutu and look to be travelling with Sue and girls. Stop all that fun and move those butts. There is a cut off looming!

Team 43 All Talk Racing are hopefully not talking and just walking…quite fast…down the hill…to get in those boats. Please!

Ian Edmond course assist says it will take at least one hour and an quarter to TA6 from where this bunch of teams currently are so that puts them arriving at 8.30ish …..then there is a 2 – 3 hour kayak which would put them at TA7 by 11.30.

This gives the teams only half an hour to assemble their bikes and move out of the official transition area to avoid the midnight shortcourse.

Will they make it Ian? “Maybe one or two”!