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Cinderella’s Shoes

Sunday 4th March 2018

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Team 42 NZHL Women Beyond Cancer landed on the beach near CP16 this afternoon, just as the jetboat of tourists, hikers, and media crew were departing Waitutu lodge, bound for the jetty at Lake Hauroko. Johan of Wairaurahiri Jet had the engine running and was preparing to reverse into the main flow when one woman in team 42 half-jokingly said, “Don’t suppose any of you have a spare pair of shoes with you?”
She had inadvertently left hers behind at Teal Bay. One noble gentleman sitting up the front didn’t hesitate to offer up his spotless pair of Salomons, and was undoing the laces as he spoke. But Karn, a photographer on the GODZone media team, took one look at them and could tell they were about 3 sizes too big. Judging by the war stories of teams returning to CP16 of struggling with the bush and terrain, Karn knew an ill-fitting pair of shoes would be more hindrance than help.
“What size feet do you have?” he asked.
“Nines -Perfect!”
Karn’s shoes were hurled onto the beach, and were received with huge smiles and endless thanks. We wish team NZHL Women Beyond Cancer all the best as they head into the wilderness once again.