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Alpine Trekking On Eyre Mountains

Wednesday 1st March 2017

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This high mountain trek where many teams are today that takes teams south through the Eyre Mountains is one of the most inspiring for Chapter 6 of GODZone. Every team through the finish line so far has been in awe of the terrain, the elevation, the ridge lines, the steep and rocky valleys. Many teams are heading through this area today will see the landscape at its best with azure blue skies above and a light breeze. Course assist Ian Edmonds says its the kind of New Zealand back country not many people experience because of its remote location and access.”Up the tops you get a 360 degree view of the stunning and rugged terrain which is rich reward the hard core gut busting climb up.”
The Halfway Bay transition manned by volunteers Kay, Alvin, Sayeesha, Graham, Mel and Richard will be a very welcome spot today.
To see images of this area check out Halfway Bay Fav’s